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    We provide the top-notch professional CDR writing service for all engineering fields. Our team consists of qualified professional writers from diverse engineering disciplines who are here to assist you with skill assessment. We guarantee a timely and satisfactory response from Engineering Australia, thanks to the dedicated team of writers we have on staff. They also understand the standards and criteria outlined in the EA’s Migration Skill Assessment Booklet.

    Over thousands of engineers have provided positive feedback to our services, and Our team has prepared a professional report on their findings. They have put their faith in us because of our hard work and dedication. Our experts ensure that the CDR contains all the technical necessary components to illustrate your specialized knowledge and technical skills. Our team assures us that the MSA Booklet’s recommendations are strictly followed. Besides CDR writing services, we also provide precise professional CV/Resume, Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development(CPD), and Summary Statement writing services for all engineering disciplines. Besides CDR writing services, we also provide precise professional CV/Resume, Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development(CPD), and Summary Statement writing services for all engineering disciplines.

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    Competency Demonstration Report

    What is Competency Demonstration Report?

    The CDR is an abbreviation for Competency Demonstration Report. Engineers Australia has commissioned a report from engineers who want to qualify for a skilled migration visa for Australia. The CDR report involves three various components such as Career episodes, and their correlated Summary Statements and Continuing Professional Development(CPD) record. The EA’s guidelines should be followed while drafting these documents.

    Who needs CDR report?

    Engineers who plan to relocate to Australia but have an engineering degree from some other country that is not recognized under the Washington, Dublin, or Sydney Accords should provide a CDR report for the skill assessment to EA. Engineers who intend to live and work in Australia for better opportunities have to go through the migration kills evaluation process through Engineers Australia.

    MSA recognizes qualifications earned at designated Australian Institutions of Higher Learning or in countries that are full signatories to the Australian qualification. As a result, applications representing countries not mentioned in the above accords should present a CDR for skills evaluation.

    Steps in preparation of CDR report

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    • 1

      Read Guidelines

      You need to read the guidelines from MSA booklet. It consist some rules for documents like Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD.

    • 2

      Start Writing

      Choose three projects for your Career Episodes and start writing your report. You should have excellent writing skills and the right knowledge prepare CDR report.

    • 3

      CDR Report Review

      You need to revise or review your report to make sure that it doedn't have any mistakes. Make sure that technical parts are included and quality is maintained.

    • 4

      Professional Assistance

      If you are not sure about your report and want professional assistance then you can contact our experts.

    Important elements of CDR report

    We provide a complete package for CDR reports like Career episode writing, Summary Statement, CPD.

    1. Career Episode Writing Services

    On the CDR, the career episode holds great importance. It reflects your engineering skill, knowledge, capacity, and work experience. Engineers Australia assesses your ability through career episodes in order to grant you a skill migration visa. Therefore, you must fill out approximately 1500 to 2500 words for every career episode.

    2. Summary Statement Writing Services

    Summary Statements is a brief summary of the CDR report’s career episode. In the summary statement, applicants must assess their career episodes and merge to the appropriate career episode section. It is especially important for the CDR report for the Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment Process.

    3. CPD Writing Services

    The section of the CDR report deals with CPD. A Continuing Professional Development(CPD) report is prepared that highlights all you’ve achieved in your professional life. In a nutshell, CPD writing is a current report on what the engineer is doing and studying at the time.

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    How to choose best CDR service provider?

    We provide complete package for CDR report like Career episode writing, Summary Statement, CPD.

    Must be familiar with immigration process

    The CDR writing service provider must be knowledgeable with the Australian government's immigration process. They should be aware of the visa that is appropriate for an applicant, in addition to the requirements and criteria.

    Based in Australia

    CDRAustraliaService is a service provider based on Australia. We and know all the standards set by the EA (Engineers Australia) and know every aspects of changes and update news for skill asssessment.

    CDR writers must be certified engineers

    You need to select the one which have professional writers and engineers to prepare the CDR report. EA thoroughly check every aspect of the report so only the certified engineers can prepare high quality CDR report and get positive skills assessment.

    Registered in Australia

    We are licensed and registered in Australia. Our professional writers provide the best CDR report that can help you to get a positive skill assessment.

    High quality report writing services by professionals. Connect with us now for positive result.

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