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You will need to submit a perfect professional KA02 report to Engineering New Zealand to receive a positive migration skill assessment. Get our experts’ assistance for developing a professional KA02 report to receive a positive assessment.

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    KA02 Report Writing Service

    Engineers who desire to immigrate to New Zealand need to primarily prepare the KA02 report and submit it to Engineering New Zealand(ENZ). The ENZ is an engineering association established in New Zealand that evaluates engineers’ competence.

    It is required that applicants who do not possess the required ICT qualifications or come from non-IT disciplines submit the KA02 report. Non-ICT professionals are those who do not have enough ICT content in their tertiary qualification and do not meet the IPENZ’s standards. The KA02 framework enables these professionals to illustrate that their professional experience has equipped them with the essential knowledge and skills, enabling them to compete for similar roles with the best engineers.

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    KA02 Report Writing

    What is KA02 Report?

    The applicant must have the essential knowledge and skills in the ICT discipline before being eligible to relocate to New Zealand. Applicants should provide a report to IPENZ explaining their experience and skills experience in the discipline of information technology. The Knowledge Assessment (KA02) report is a very essential process for evaluating the candidates’ abilities. Some of the candidates have extensive experience in the field of information technology and intend to prepare and submit the KA02 report on their own.

    However, there are specific IPENZ rules that must be adhered to when writing the report. Applicants appear to be overly reliant on accessible samples. To use as a reference, the samples must be comparable in quality. As a result, we also supply KA02 samples to candidates as a guide to assist them in preparing their KA02 reports and also provide KA02 report reviewing services.

    Knowledge Assessment Reports

    Knowledge Assessment Reports

    KA01 Report

    The applicant must submit to IPENZ the KA01 report if the degree gained at an institution outside New Zealand is considered equivalent to that of a New Zealand institution, or if certified as a Washington Accord signatory.

    KA02 Report

    If the applicant graduated from a university that is not part of the Washington Accord, he or she must submit a KA02 report to IPENZ. The KA02 report needs to be prepared for engineers who graduated from unauthorized institutions and want to move to New Zealand.

    Knowledge Assessment Reports

    Steps in preparing KA02 Report

    Follow these steps to prepare a perfect KA02 report.

    Reading the IPENZ criteria is the first step toward writing a KA02 report. In addition, relevant KA02 samples should be examined to get a sense of the language and technicalities that will be employed.

    Plan ahead of time how you’ll write and what you’ll include in the report, keeping the reference to the standards in mind. Divide the report into steps and decide on the report creation structure you’ll use.

    Start writing right away when you’ve planned out what you’re going to write. Make sure you’ve covered all of the technical requirements and that the sentences you’ve used are grammatically sound. Hiring a writer to assist you in completing your report swiftly is a smart idea. At CDRAustraliaService, we have a team of professionals who can assist you with writing KA02 reports.

    After you’ve finished writing the report, go over it again to make sure you’ve included all of the technical details. In addition to spelling mistakes, check the grammar of the entire document.

    Having your KA02 report edited by professionals is a fantastic alternative. We offer excellent service when it comes to producing and reviewing KA02 reports.

    How to become registered in New Zealand

    It is the most frequently asked question among engineers in New Zealand. When a candidate has completed his or her education and gained the required amount of experience, he or she is considered an eligible candidate to apply for additional certification in the designation of an Engineer. A four-year college education in any of the orders of design is required to meet all requirements for the title of specialist. Depending on achieving the job seeking criteria for the Skilled Migrant Segment.

    In New Zealand, the following membership types are available:

    • Student
    • Emerging Professional
    • Member
    • Chartered
    • Fellow
    • Affiliate

    The vital candidates will be qualified for the award of a work visa to allow them to acquire a proposal of progressing work in New Zealand if they meet the prerequisites of Skilled Migrant Category Job Search instructions.

    New Zealand registration

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    As a KA02 Writing Service provider, we are well-versed in the immigration and Migration Skill Assessment processes imposed by the Government of New Zealand.

    The hired KA02 Writers should be certified Engineers

    Our skilled writers are certified Engineers with extensive experience writing KA02 reports. Hiring legitimate personnel has been our top priority in order to improve client outcomes.

    KA02 Writing Service should be registered in NZ or Australia

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