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1. CDR (Competency Demonstration Report):

The report which is used by engineers to validate their degree/experience in Australia through Engineers Australia. It is the skill assessment done by the engineers who want to immigrate to either Australia either for work purpose…It helps for to collect 15 points for PR as well. CDR reports includes 5 files, 3 Career episode, 1 CPD and 1 Summary Statements.

2. On what basis do you provide CDR reports?

On the basis of your academic qualification resume, intensive report, CV and working experience.

3. How long will it take to prepare complete CDR report?

Normally assistance in the complete CDR preparation take about 20\22 working days of course, it’s a normal track. There are also fast track available it takes about 1 weeks.

4. What is career episode?

Career episode provides detailed information about the student’s academic background, career path and engineering projects that they have handled in the past. Students will choose one of the occupational categories like professional engineers, engineering technologies, engineering associates and engineering managers. This report is exhaustive one, and the words may be around two thousand or more.

5. How can I choose my ANZSCO code?

If you have completed your engineering in particular filed but have worked and got job in different filed then you no need to be worried. We are here with team of expert writers (Engineers) to make it clear and help you in selecting correct occupation code for engineers Australia.

6. Do I need to submit my academic project with CDR applicants?

Yes you need to submit your academic project or work based project which includes CV, internship project, academic report, and working experience.

7. Do I have to pay upfront?

No you don’t need to pay all the amount at once, first you can pay an initial payment then I will process my work and after complete the work I will send you the final report then you have to pay the final payment.

8. Why does CDR report get rejected by Engineers Australia?

If you do not write CDR as per guidelines and requirements by Engineers Australia, then the CDR gets rejected. We provide quality work your work will be handle by the engineer’s team which are expert in their own filed and provide you free plagiarism report.

9. A recent graduate with no work experience can submit CDR report?

Yes of course since Engineers Australia doesn’t necessarily seek work experience you can apply. It can be based on academic as well.

10. How skill assessment help in PR process?

When we submit all the document in Engineers Australia, it’s give you the positive outcome. In this way it helps in securing 15 points For PR

11. Is English test mandatory for skill assessment?

Yes it’s mandatory for skill assessment. You need to have 6 on each band if you are doing IELTS and for PTE you have to score 50 each. You don’t need to do English test if you have graduated with a master from Australia .The English score is valid for 3 years for skill assessment.

12. What are the documents required for skill assessment?

  • Passport size photo
  • Prime identification documents
  • Name change documentation
  • Curriculum vitae(resume)
  • Academic transcript
  • Work experience
  • English language

13. How long is this skill assessment valid for?

This is valid for 3 years and then you have to pay some amount to Engineers Australia and renew and after that valid for life time.

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