What is Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia? Why is it required?

Competency Demonstration Report

For those engineers who want to go to Australia and settle down there for a professional career, CDR may be a very essential subject need to know for them. There may be a lot of questions that arise and hit in their mind about Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), who are interested in moving to Australia.

Australia is becoming a very good destination not only for skilled engineers but also for all kinds of skilled manpower to pursue a professional career and career development as well as for those who want to settle here permanently. Australia is now one of the top countries in the world for immigrants, and there are many reasons for this growing number, such as good career growth, proper body development, and a good environment of working opportunities. This number is increasing rapidly day by day.

Similarly, the influx of skilled manpower entering Australia is increasing day by day. Therefore, the Australian authority has determined to seek out the best-skilled engineers from among the skilled manpower seeking to migrate here. This is because newcomers are subjected to a variety of assessments to verify that they can demonstrate compliance with the Australian working environment and integrate into the workforce.

Engineers Australia is a head body for Australia to assess the necessary documents and skills of engineers and to analyze all these things. Engineers Australia conducts competency skills assessments for all skilled engineers who want to enter the country through a skilled migration visa.

What is a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)?

The CDR is the abbreviation form of the Competency Demonstration Report, which is a very crucial collection of the technical document that determines the abilities of the applicant engineers, which are assessed by Engineers Australia(EA). Engineers Australia analyzes the competency of engineers acquired based on their skills, technical and practical knowledge, communication, language abilities, personal and professional attributes.

The CDR is a critical document for obtaining Australian visas for immigration. So, the quality and excellence of the CDR report determine the possibility of getting a migration visa. Engineers Australia(EA) is known as the prior and superior body organization for examining the CDR of the applicant engineers for Australia.

The EA provides the necessary directions and requirements for drafting the CDR. As per the guidelines, the applicants should prepare the CDR for the migrations visa. The CDR report normally contains three components which are professional development and a summary statement.

Who needs a CDR Report ? And Why?

The CDR report is considered a very crucial document, especially for immigrant skilled engineers. Because of its quality and attributes, it plays a big role in giving migration visas to immigrant engineers. Undergraduate Engineers who want to come to Australia to start their professional careers and settle down must prepare a CDR report.

The prepared report should be submitted to Engineers Australia and Engineers Australia evaluates and analyzes the report from various aspects and approves the report if it is correct as per the guidelines or rejects it. The CDR report submitted in this way is checked and skill assessment is done by Engineers Australia. If the CDR report is as accurate and accurate as it can be, Engineers will have a big role to play in obtaining a migration visa to Australia.

Two primary assessments examine by Engineers Australia

Engineering Skill Assessment

EA has established defined rules for evaluating engineering abilities. One of the important components of the evaluation is the course you are pursuing. The industrial sector you’re appealing to is the next partition.

English Language Proficiency

You must show English language proficiency. For graduates of undergraduate Engineering Qualification, a two-year Master’s Degree, or a Ph.D. program at an Australian university, the assessment may be waived off. EA reserves the right to ask for an English language assessment if necessary.

Occupational categories and Eligibility criteria for occupations

Occupational Categories by EA

In the MSA booklet, Engineering Australia has divided the occupational categories into three parts(i.e. Professional engineer, Engineer technologist, and Engineering Associate) according to the engineering practice taking place in Australia. But for migration objectives, Engineering Australia has also distinguished other categories.

Occupational CategoriesEligibility to apply for related categories
Professional EngineerThe applicants must have obtained a four-year bachelor's degree in engineering to apply to this category
Engineer TechnologistThe applicants must have a bachelor degree/diploma in any engineering technology degree
Engineer AssociateThose who completed two years degree/associate degree in any engineering technology
Engineer ManagerBachelor or higher degree in engineering or in engineering field. Must have 8 years of experience but in a Managerial role in the Engineering field.

Important documents needed to submit with CDR report

The CDR is a very crucial document for Engineers who want to come through an Australia migration visa. In this, Engineers Australia has given all proper guidance on what is required to attach various essential documents. The following are the essential components to be submitted in the CDR assessment:

  • Most recent passport size photo
  • Prime ID(the portion of biographical information from your most recent passport with present name and photo)
  • Documented records of all employment companies stated in the report’s career episodes, as well as employment evidence in the CDR report for the previous one year
  • The professional registration document (If appropriate)
  • Current name change document (If appropriate)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • English language test result document such as test result of TOEFL, IELTS
  • Official all complete academic transcripts
  • Academic degree certificates

Guidelines and Process for the preparation of CDR:

The Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) is mainly formed on the undergraduate qualification and exhibited post-graduate proficiency. The CDR is based on the need to transcribe and prepare everything yourself and since it is a very crucial document, all the documents have to be submitted according to the EA. Engineers Australia has demonstrated the entire process from the first process to the last process in the guidelines of the booklet. Since it gives you all the steps you need to take when preparing a CDR, it can be very helpful and prevent you from getting confused while preparing a CDR report. According to the EA, the process to prepare a CDR are given below:

  1. Personal Information
    Formulate your personal data: Passport size image, portion of latest passport bio-data page, name change paper(if applicable), CV/Resume and English Language competence test result
  2. Application
    Submit your preferred professions ( Choose your preferred Occupation)
  3. Education
    Prepare your academic certificates, transcripts and any other relevant academic documentation
  4. Skilled Employment
    Proof of employment, must be provided by the applicants whose career episodes are based on engineering experience and/or For Relevant Skilled Employment Services
  5. Report
    Prepare Continuing Personal Development, Career episodes and Summary statement
  6. Submit
    Once all of the above are prepared, you are now ready to log into myPortal and lodge a CDR application

Common reasons Engineers Australia(EA) rejects CDR

We know how crucial the CDR report is. Engineers Australia is rejecting the CDR report for various reasons such as the slightest error in the report we submit or the omission of any mentioned document or non-compliance with stated guidelines. So we also need to be very careful when preparing CDR reports. There are various reasons for CDR report rejection. Some of the reasons are as follows.

  • Plagiarized contents on the report
  • Failed to follow proper guidelines of the Engineers Australia
  • Inappropriate Formatting
  • Use of needless technical detail( like table, charts, and photos)
  • Omission of necessary documents
  • Lack of proper proof and evidence
  • Excessively technical CDR
  • Improper use of grammar and different languages
  • Failed to present proper experience
  • Inappropriate demonstration of the Continuing personal development(CPD), Career Episodes and Summary Statement
  • Irrelevant data and information
  • Lack of Indices
  • Unclear layout and presentation of the CPD, Career episodes, and Summary Statements

3 Sections of the Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)

Three sections of Competency Demonstration Report

Engineering Australia summarized the important sections of the CDR in three parts, which also we can see in the MSA booklet of EA. The sections can be shown as below:

1. Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development(CPD) is a record of progress and development in the engineering field after completing an undergraduate engineering qualification. CPD is a record of progress and development in your field once you have earned your undergraduate engineering qualification. Its format includes the following components:

  • Formal postgraduate study information
  • Conferences you have attended
  • If applicable, short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, technical inspections, and technical meetings participated
  • If applicable, Any Private study( which involves journal, manual, book, etc.)
  • Any Internships or volunteer work in the engineering field

2. Career Episodes

An engineering career episode is a description of your engineering education and/or job experience. The career episodes which should be included in the Competency Demonstration Report have three episodes. All episodes of your engineering career concentrate on a unique time or facet of your work. Work-related career episodes should be supported by proof of employment. This is a very necessary document for the formation of the summary statement part. Words limit on Career episodes suggested by guidelines are:

  • Introduction (Maximum to 150 words)
  • Background (200 to 500 words)
  • Summary (50 to 150 words)

3. Summary Statements

Once the career episode has been created, it is important to analyze whether all the components are included in the career episodes, as the final analysis of all the results of the career episodes helps to prepare the summary statement. Once the final result of the career episodes is ready, the analyzed result should be shown in the summary statement. You have to download the form as your occupational category from the website and fill it all in. Summary statement templates can be easily accessed from websites.

Final Words

CDR is a very important document required for obtaining a migration visa for engineers who want to emigrate, as described above. We hope that we have succeeded in fulfilling the curiosity of all the questions about your CDR.

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