Engineers Australia(EA) Migration Skills Assessment

Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment

EA is the contraction word for Engineers Australia, which is an Australian recognized body for assessing the engineering knowledge and expertise of engineers in their related professional field. EA is the reputable and trustworthy authority that co-operates with the Department of Home Affairs, international organizations, migration agents to provide improved and streamlined skill evaluation procedures for engineers who are seeking to shift to Australia.

Engineers Australia(EA) assists thousands of engineers from all over the world who want to migrate through Australian migration skill assessment each year to achieve their aims. Engineers Australia provides the skill assessment procedure to all the competent engineers who want to make the final destination for their professional career or further education in Australia.

What is EA migration skills assessment?

In simple words, EA migration skills assessment is a process that involves EA will evaluate and validating the applicant’s educational qualification, knowledge, proficiency, and professional experience that they claim as a professional engineer for immigration purposes meet all requirements regulated by the Australian Government for the selected occupations. The purpose of the skill assessment by EA is to ensure that all possible immigrant engineers with relevant engineering skills will match the minimum criteria to start a professional career in Australia.

EA provides a great opportunity for skill assessment to both applicants, which holds accredited qualification or non-accredited qualifications. There are guidelines and instructions are contained in the MSA booklet provided by EA, which must be followed by the applicants to the letter. Before applying for a visa, engineers should write an excellent Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) and deliver it to EA for a skills evaluation procedure.

The CDR report is the report based on an applicant’s professional knowledge, skills, and proficiency in the engineering field required by EA. The engineers’ proficiency is evaluated by the EA based on their expertise, technical knowledge, and interpersonal and professional characteristics. Therefore, engineers must write a faultless CDR report and encompass all needed information in accordance with the requirements.

The applicant engineers who do not have Australian academic qualifications or qualifications not associated with the Washington accord by the method of CDR’s journey. Therefore, the applicants must meet the requirements accordingly to attain a positive result from EA.

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Qualification pathways for migration skill assessment

For migration purposes, engineering applicants whose qualifications are accredited or non-accredited must complete a skills assessment procedure offered by Engineers Australia. Relying on the accredited or non-accredited qualifications alternatives offered by Engineers Australia, there are a variety of routes for skill assessment. The two major pathways for assessing your engineering skills and abilities are

Accredited Qualification pathway
For this pathway, there are four pathways available for skill assessment as below:

  • Sydney Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications
  • Australian Qualifications
  • Washington Accord Qualifications

Non-Accredited Qualification Pathway
The applicants with non-accredited qualifications should follow the mentioned pathway for skill evaluation as shown below:

  • Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) pathway

Migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia

The skills assessment is a very essential process for prospective engineers who want to shift to Australia through a migration visa. This process usually takes place from four to seven months period for completion. Before migrating under this approach, keep in mind that your engineering field is mentioned in the skilled occupations list at the time of applying.

After you’ve double-checked that your discipline is on the list, you’ll need to register your Expression of Interest using Skill Select. This is to show that you have the appropriate abilities and qualifications in the profession you’ve chosen. For all engineers, there are multiple ANZSCO Occupation Codes. Engineers Australia Migration skills evaluation requires you to select one of the ANZSCO Occupation Codes for engineers that correspond to your field when applying.

Engineers Australia’s skills evaluation board assesses the applicant’s technical expertise and abilities and provides its reports to Skill Select. If the applicants achieve the minimum number of points criteria, which is 60 points minimally. Then, he will be proposed to apply for a migration visa within 60 days time period of the evaluation procedure. For the process of migration skills assessment, EA divided engineers into four different categories in the engineering professions in Australia. They are
Occupational Categories by EA

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Engineering Associate
  4. Engineering Manager

Engineers in each category have distinct educational credentials as well as varying responsibilities to perform based on their knowledge and expertise.

Professional Engineer

The Professional Engineer must accomplish a four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering from an Australian university after completing 12 years of education or correspondence. Professional engineers are anticipated to be in charge of extensive engineering plans and initiatives. There are multiple key roles and responsibilities of professional engineers are as follows:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Concentrates on the entire mechanisms
  • Enforces engineering prospects in a comprehensive perspective, taking into consideration environmental, societal, and social interests
  • Use structured methodologies to the management and execution of engineering projects
  • Bringing well-established engineering approaches to challenging engineering issues
  • Employ management and leadership qualities

Engineering Technologist

The engineering technologist must achieve a three-year undergraduate degree in technology and engineering from an Australian university after pursuing twelve-year education or accordance.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Concentrates on system’s interactions
  • Employs well-established engineering methods, techniques, tools, and resources within the technology field
  • Develops recent engineering methodologies

Engineering Associate

In Australia, the Engineering Associate must accomplish two-year advanced credentials or associate certifications in relevant engineering programs after completing twelve years of education or correspondent.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Concentrates on certain components of the system
  • Follows the standards and implements the established processes and practices
  • Supports in the assessment of resources and site

Engineering Associate

For this occupational category, the Engineering Manager must complete an undergraduate degree or higher in the relevant engineering field after pursuing twelve years of education or accordance.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Develops engineering tactics, guidelines, and plans, as well as their execution
  • Supervises and oversees engineering operations

For non-accredited qualifications

Engineers without Australian or Washington Accord credentials must prepare a CDR to demonstrate their skills and standards are on par with those of an Australian engineer. It contains,

Career episodes
The career episodes demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of the applicants in the relevant engineering fields. It consists of three career episodes.

Summary statements
The summary statements highlight the comprehensive pieces of information of three career episodes. It’s presented in a tabular format, and the components must be related to suitable sections in the career episodes.

Continuous professional development(CPD) record
The CPD shows the project and activities that applicants engaged which helps to enhance knowledge and competence elements while pursuing the engineering degree such as seminars, training programs.

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Qualified factors for EA migration skills assessment

The applicants for skilled migration must satisfy the EA Skill Assessment qualifying requirements. They are,

  • An applicant must possess sufficient academic credentials in the selected field
  • Only individuals under the age of 45 are eligible to apply for Australian migration
  • The applicants must pass the English proficiency test and accomplish the required score such as 6 points on the IELTS test

Checklist documents for EA skills assessment

For the skill assessment process, the applicants must include the essential documents required by EA and also provide them as evidence to EA. The crucial documents that should be incorporated for the skill assessment process are as follows:

  • Recent passport image
  • CV/Resume
  • Academic/educational documents
  • Language proficiency test score sheet
  • Employment letter
  • Proof of paid job such as payment slips, tax paid, etc.
  • Name change proof(if applicable)

Fee structure for CDR assessment

The fee charges for CDR evaluation for the period year 2021 to 2022 are given as below:

MSA fees Fees Excl. GST(AUD)Fess Incl. GST(AUD)
Standard Competency Demonstration Report$810


Competency Demonstration Report +
Evaluation of relevant skilled occupation (+$368 Excl. GST)

Competency Demonstration Report +
Foreign PhD evaluation(+$230 Excl. GST)


Competency Demonstration Report +
Foreign PhD evaluation(+$230 Excl. GST) + Evaluation of relevant skilled occupation (+$368 Excl. GST)

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