EA Approved CDR Sample for Engineering Professionals

CDR Sample for Engineering Professionals

The engineering professionals’ important files: Curriculum Vitae, Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and Summary Statement are incorporated for Engineering Professionals’ CDR sample. The detailed examples of the CDR report samples are as follows:

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the basis of a professional template.

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant

3. Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 1

Project Name: “Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building”

4. Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 2

Project Name: “Construction of Temporary Steel Bridge”

5. Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: “Construction of Road”

6. Engineering Professionals Summary Statement Sample:

A detailed explanation of all the competency elements.

Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 1

Project Name: Characterization of casting defects in DC cast magnesium alloys

In the first Career Episode, the author describes his project, “Characterization of casting defects in DC cast magnesium alloys” which he has completed as a section of his Ph.D. research in the area of Engineering and Physical Sciences. His responsibilities included:

  • To enable the consistent manufacture of high-quality magnesium combine forging feedstock by DC casting without incurring any higher costs than is currently the case.
  • To create such a material, a casting technique must be developed.
  • To develop a standardized evaluation method that meets the needs of the industry.
  • Propose techniques to reduce the occurrence of unacceptable-sized faults during DC casting production.
  • To determine the ultrasonic equipment’s ability to detect faults and offer a quality assessment of the billet.

Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 2

Project Name: Development of High Strength Al-Mg2SiMg Based Alloy for High-Pressure Die-casting Process

The writer illustrates his engineering expertise in the second career episode, which was entitled“Development of High Strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg Based Alloy for High-Pressure Die-casting Process,” and his duties and responsibilities were as follows:

  • To investigate the impact of excess MG on the microstructure and mechanical characteristics of Al-Mg2Si alloys, also the interaction between solidification, microstructure, and the mechanical properties that arise.
  • Optimize the composition of Al-Mg2Si-Mg alloys to achieve high strength while maintaining adequate ductility.
  • To analyze the consequences of summing manganese to the Al-Mg2Si-Mg alloy, which can enhance the alloy’s strength without reducing its ductility much.
  • To analyze the impact of combining factors such as Zn and Cu on the solidification, microstructural evolution, and mechanical features of Al-Mg2Si-Mg mixes.

Engineering Professionals Career Episode Sample 3

Project Name: A cost-effective, mobile platform-based, photographic approach for continuous structural deformation monitoring

The author explains his involvement in a project named “A cost-effective, mobile platform-based, photographic technique for continuous structural deformation monitoring” for his Ph.D. degree in Philosophy in the third Career Episode. His responsibilities included the following:

  • Understanding the measurement of the most often used structural monitoring in civil engineering and determining the requirements for a photogrammetric system that might be utilized as a long-term structural monitoring solution.
  • To show a lower price rate in-situ photographic monitoring system depends on off-the-shelf mobile technology that may be used for various scope of structural regulating applications.
  • To implement and test the proposed system’s essential requirements and functions.
  • To demonstrate the capabilities of the mobile photographic solution to ensure that the system’s performance is capable of long-term structural monitoring.
  • To create a precise SHM system for a reasonably minimal budget.

Engineering Professionals Summary Statement

In a summary statement, the author presents all the competency elements required for an Engineering Professionals. As stated in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment guidebook, the summary statement’s cross-references must be linked to the phrase of the career episodes.

Engineering Professionals Continuing Professional Development

The CPD contains the elements that are professional, non-professional courses, and personal analysis. The CPD sample concisely illustrates the expertise of the author’s engineering professionals.

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