Major reasons why CDR report gets rejected by the EA?

CDR Report

The CDR is the abbreviation term of the Competency Demonstration Report, which is a crucial and technical document submitted to Engineers Australia(EA) by those applicant engineers who are seeking a migration visa for Australia after completion of the degree in the engineering discipline. The CDR report is the composition of various personalized documents which demonstrate the skill, ability, and competencies of the applicant engineers in their related field of engineering. Those engineers who are interested in moving to Australia need to prepare and submit a CDR report to EA to get an Australian migration visa.

The CDR is prepared by the engineers who are planning to move to Australia for higher study, pursue a career in the engineering profession, and settle here. The EA is the official authority body for the evaluation of the CDR reports prepared by the engineers. EA demands applicant engineers to have the required enough skills and competencies in their relevant engineering field. EA asks CDR to examine applicants’ skills and competencies, and EA assesses whether or not to grant or deny visas according to their CDR report.

The EA provides all the necessary guidelines and instructions very well in the booklet “Migration Skill Assessment Booklet”. Sometimes applicants prepare CDR reports according to all guidelines and rules, but they also face CDR rejection from Engineers Australia, which can be a surprising moment for the applicants. Sometimes we unknowingly make common mistakes in small things and errors in technical things, which can be a reason for CDR rejection. Therefore, there are various technical and nontechnical reasons which are leading to the rejection of CDR by EA.

Major reasons why Engineer Australia(EA) rejects CDR report

The applicants need to follow all the guidelines and instructions provided by Engineers Australia(EA) very strictly and be sensitive while preparing the CDR report. Applicants prepare their usual reports by following all the rules and guidelines provided by EA, however, they are facing a case of rejection of CDR report from EA. There are various reasons why Engineers Australia rejects the CDR report, It is not advisable to point out exactly one of them.
There may be different reasons behind the rejection of the CDR report. Here are some of the major reasons why CDR reports are rejected by EA are listed below:

  • Use of too technical details
  • Plagiarized contents
  • Improper career episodes
  • Mention only your experience
  • Word count
  • Lack of proper format
  • Grammar errors and use of different Language
  • Vague summary statement
  • Misguided continuing personal development (CPD)
  • Not mentioning problem statement
  • Absurd project selection

Use of too technical details

The career episode is also a technical document, where we have to include technical details while preparing career episodes. But Engineers Australia has mentioned in its guidelines book MSA booklet that career episodes should not be too technical, which is why writers need to pay close attention when writing a CDR report. We should not give highly unnecessary priorities to technical factors while writing CDR such as tables, charts, photos, and tremendous calculation.

Plagiarized contents

This is one of the major reasons to get a rejected CDR report by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia always searches for 100% original and authentic content of applicants’ CDR reports. CDR samples are readily accessible on the Internet, which is for reference only. When preparing a CDR report, you should never copy CDR samples from the Internet. Engineers Australia will reject your CDR directly if it finds any plagiarized content in your CDR report even if it was intentionally or unintentionally. So when preparing a CDR report, one must be very careful to avoid plagiarism.

Improper career episodes

The CDR report consists of three career episodes, while preparing the CDR report we have to include all three different career episodes. As we prepare the CDR, we must describe a different project and highlight them for every episode that you handled yourself while doing your engineering degree. We need to keep in mind that we should never mention the same project in all three career episodes.

Mention only your experience

The next reason for rejecting the CDR report is the lack of mention of proper experience. We should always prepare the CDR so that it includes only the activities and experiences you have done, even if you have worked in a project team while pursuing an engineering degree, you have to write the CDR report in the sense that “what I did” not “what we did”. We should never include the experience and activities of other teammates in the report, which can be a big mistake.

Word count

We always need to pay attention to the word count guidelines of Engineers Australia(EA) in the report. EA provided instructions on how many words to write each career episode on the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet (MSA). The CDR report has a length of 1000-2500 words in each career episode according to the booklet. We should always prepare the report considering the word limit guidelines of the EA.

Lack of proper format

Engineers Australia has provided guidelines on how to prepare a CDR report. For example, in CDR career episodes, words should be maintained in 1000-2500 words limit essay format, the summary should be around 100 words and the CPD list should be in form, etc. If we miss out on such things when writing a CDR report, EA will have to face the consequences of rejecting the CDR report. Therefore, while evaluating the CDR report, we need to be very careful about the technical designs and formats of the report.

Grammar errors and use of different Language

While preparing the CDR report, the report must be properly Grammarly correct and the document must be in the English language. When preparing a CDR report, we need to do it as accurately as possible. We have to take care of Australian English and British English. Similarly, when we use language in the report, it is better to write in Australian English. When preparing a CDR report, do not write in various languages. Whatever the language, we need to translate it into English and prepare it in an understanding way to EA.

Vague summary statement

A CDR report includes three main elements: Continuing Personal Development(CPD), Career episodes, and Summary statement, in which all these three elements play an integral part in the CDR report. The summary statement is the very important element of the CDR, which summarized all three career episodes all in one. This is the first page of the report and most of the evaluators carefully read the first page. It demonstrates how effectively you examine data that generate early judgments of them.

Misguided continuing personal development(CPD)

This is another main reason to get rejected by Engineers Australia. Continuing Personal Development(CPD) is the record of progress and development of the engineers in engineering after completion of the undergraduate engineering qualification. Engineers Australia requires a CPD report for skilled migration assessments. It includes:

  • Formal postgraduate study information
  • Any summits you have attended
  • Any workshops, technical inspections related to your discipline that you have attended (If applicable)
  • If applicable, Any Private study( which involves journal, manual, book, etc.)
  • Any Internships or volunteer work in the engineering field

This section must describe and include so much information necessary such as the date, title, date, venue, and duration of the internship that you have done.

Not mentioning problem statement

In your career episode report, it is important to simply explain the issues as well as the activities you took to resolve them. In your report, mentioning problem statements clarifies exactly what you performed and did during the project. As a result, ensure that each of your reports has all of the issue descriptions and resolutions.

Absurd project selection

You have to prepare and write an acceptable and typical CDR report that is accepted by Engineers Australia. While writing a CDR report, an acceptable project should be chosen based on your academic qualifications; it means you should be required to propose a coherent project based on your educational background. So, If you offer an irrational project, Engineers Australia may reject your application.


The CDR is a very crucial document for engineers planning to live in Australia through a migration visa. These are all the major reasons which are explained in detail above that may affect your CDR report from getting approved by the EA.

Therefore, as said “Prevention is better than cure”, it will be a good idea to prevent major mistakes in reports before getting the CDR report rejected by EA rather than regretting after having a CDR report rejected by EA.

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